• enerise® –  with the right motivation everything is possible!


    We are proud to present you enerise®, a motivation training method that can help you build a successful future!

    What is enerise®?
    Classic motivation techniques don’t make a difference between relaxed and stimulated phases. After these kinds of seminars, motivation can drop again quickly. Enerise® makes your will power available in the important moments.

    Who is enerise®?
    Thomas Schlechter is an expert in motivation and life balance. Since 20 years he is working as adviser and coach around those domains: philosophy of success, relations with our surrounding, personal development. He creates in 1995 cityNEWS, a well distributed magazine in Cologne. At the beginning of 2004 came out his best seller “My life’s scenario”.

    Experience enerise® with training in time management, private and professional life balance, cutting edge motivation and selling motivation.

    More information about enerise® on the webpage: www.enerise.at


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